Said by Jeffrey Gaines last night.on his fans's um, special, attempts to film him and then putting up those vidoes on YouTube. He appreciates them but wishes that the whole "look, mom, I can use a camera and put it on YouTube" people would actually LEARN to use said cameras to film him.

Jeffrey Gaines and Dar Williams last night were both incredibly, incredibly funny last night. I'm not a huge fan of Jeffrey Gaines' songs(except for "Hero" and his cover of "In Your Eyes") but, my god, that man is SO funny especially when he goes on tangents about how, really, people should not take bad YouTube vidoes of him in concert.

Dar. Well, you know Dar. She has a very, very honest and cracked out sense of humor. It amuses me greatly to hear her speak and tell her stories and go off on tangents. I haven't seen her in two years and I'm so glad I got to see her last night. She did "Better Things" which she said she hasn't done in like 5 years. She had to look up the lyrics on her Blackberry and discovered some amazing things. Like the fact that SHE had written that song and "Finlandia" (which was actually written in the 19th century) It's amazing what the internet can tell you.

The only thing I wasn't terribly fond of was her audience. A bit stuffy and stodgy, I think. I love when she has a mixed audience of children, younger people, and such and not so much when it's like this. Still, I was incredibly glad to see her and hear her. She's so theraupetic for me.

I also found out very, very, very exciting news. I was checking her schedule and she's going to be at Musikfest in Bethlehem on August 5th. I immediatelhy went to the Musikfest site to see if she's one of the paying concerts and she's not listed there. So, I'm thinking she's playing for free which is OMG exciting. She's really cool to see in an outdoor like setting and Musikfest is 10 minutes from me and oh-so-convenient. I'm super excited about this.


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