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( Jan. 26th, 2009 11:39 am)
1)I know all the area codes for the United States and Canada
2)I am missing part of my left eyebrow from an accident that happened with pretending to be a Kids. Incorporated star that involved a cardboard box and an open drawer.
3)I once tried to pee next to a truck in the middle of the night somewhere in the West.
4)I saw a naked guy named Jerry who had a sunburned member while I was dehydrated in Idaho.
5)I can flick my finger very, very hard against my hand without hurting myself. It's an Aspie thing, I suppose.
6)I am named after my great-great grandmother who survived the Russian Revolution as a Jewish woman by herself with two small children.
7)I was raised Jewish but am not quite sure what I beleive in now.
8)I had someone fall on my neck from about 30 feet up without getting hurt in the process.
9)I want to improve my Spanish.
10) I really want to go back to the UK especially Edinburgh. I loved Edinburgh.
11)Jerry Garcia died on my 15th birthday. John Lennon died 3 months after I was born.
12)I lived in Israel for a year when I was a baby. All I can tell you from that time is that my parents worked with oranges.
13)The Phillies lost the World Series on my bat mitzvah. I also had pneumonia that week.
14)I learned how to read by the age of five and have been a vorcarious reader since that age.
15)I once had a huge bald spot on my head from trichlomania. I had to wear my hair up every day for several months until the hair grew back in.
16)I am scared of rollar coasters except, strangely, ones that go upside down. I love that kind of rollar coaster
17)For many years I refused to eat eggs since they tasted nasty to me. I have since started eating eggs again and they're one of my favorite meals.
18)Um.. this one isn't really about me, but here goes. My dad in one of his jobs as limo driver has driven Joyce Carol Oates several times. He says she is quiet and reminds him a lot of Olyve Oyl. She does not tip. Neither, apperantly, did Alice Walker the one time he drove her.
19)Words fascinate me. I like learning new words.
20)I much prefer the book to the movie. Movies inevitably disappoint me. Except for Fingersmith-that was a very good adaptation of the book.
21)I am quite, quite tone deaf but I still like to sing.
22)I am fascinated with library collection systems and how libraries are organized.
23)I like to visit libraries in different cities I visit.
24)I am a huge fan of cheeses. My favorite right now is Havarti.
25)I am a huge people watcher. I like making up stories about people that I see.


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