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( Aug. 22nd, 2007 02:13 pm)
I suppose I should share my big news. Jess and I are planning to move in together. We have set a date of November 1st so hopefully this work out. We will be moving up to the Lehigh Valley area as this is where Jess's job is and I can get a job in either healthcare or customer service at least for the next little while. I shall have my degree in December and I shall start looking probably within the next month or so for library positions in this area.

This also means I must learn how to drive. There is public transit around here but it's limited and it gives me much more independence to drive. I'm kind of terrified of this but I do realize its necessity and so I suppose I shall. Plus, maybe this time (hopefully this time) it won't be such a scary experience.

Meanwhile, in the next few months, I shall look for temp positions in the Philadelphia area. I want to have some money before we move. Jess will be living with me in September as she does training for her job in the Philly area and after that the serious apartment hunting begins (possibly looking at apartments online when she is here. That has yet to be worked out.)

So,yeah, my life is changing. I'm both excited and scared although more excited. I tend to get a bit nervous about big life changes although I have an excellent gut instinct this is all for the good.


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