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( Jun. 7th, 2007 05:51 pm)
Life has been really, really good lately. Today I interviewed for three positions and I believe they all went well. At the last one the guy interviewing me said "If your references check out ok, I anticipate offering you the job and you starting on Monday." That did so, so much for my confidence and it felt really good. It would be a 35 hour a week position with decent pay. No health insurance but I can deal with that, I think, if I pay for it on my own. Which.. pricey but I can deal.

My relationship with Jess continues to get better and better. We just fit so incredibly well together. I swear we have the same brain sometimes which is both awesome and a bit scary sometimes. We have a lot of the same values, the same ideas, and the same level of commitment and adoration towards each other. It is so, so, so amazingly wonderful and good.

Also, I started classes this week and it looks like this class (Introduction to Research) will be a lot of work but nothing I can't handle. It will also teach me about research and grant writings and proposals-all of which are very, very useful skills in the library world.


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