This.. this, my friends, is what pure hatred and bigotry looks like. This.

In case you'd like to call one of Rep. Foxx's offices and politely let her know she's got her facts wrong and politely request that she not perpetrate lies about Matthew Shepard and the much-needed Hate Crimes Bill, you can call her Washington office at 202-225-2071 or her North Carolina offices toll-free at 1-866-677-8968. You can also contact the National Republican Congressional Committee at 202-479-7000 and politely let them know you disapprove of Republican House members disparaging victims of hate crimes and telling demonstrable lies on the House floor.
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Okay. On one hand, Rep. Foxx's lie is awful, cruel and beyond offensive. On the other hand, I think it shows that Republicans, and Foxx as a representative of the Republicans, are scared out of their wits that they'll lose all the political capital they have left, so they're retreating ever further into stupid bigotry to keep their bigoted base. This is part of the Republican death spiral, and not unrelated to Arlen Specter's party switch. The Republican Party as it stands now is getting more and more useless, and that's not a bad thing.

Meanwhile, gay marriage will shortly be legal in New Hampshire. Think about that for a while.

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I agree that the Republican "base" (such as it is) is not in touch with anything these days. Spector vacating them (and Olympia Snowe's editorial about how she feels about the Republican Party) are evidence of that.

I agree there are good things happening. It breaks my heart, thought, that Judy Shephard has to hear this bile about her son.

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I just read that the bill passed the House and is now onto the Senate. So, that is good news at least.


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