We have two new rats. We were originally planning to get only one to replace Wilson but these little guys were too cute to resist.

They are blue rats-that means they have a blue hood. They're only itty babies-they're probably about 3 months old and they're brothers. Yes, now we have 5, but I couldn't just take one, I had to have both. Their names are Nigel and Elliot and they are so soft and trusting. They trust us enough to let us flip them on their backs and scritch them. Today, i woke up and one of them came up to the bars of the cage and was gently nibbling on my fingers. Toby-our big potato boy-has already taken to snuggling up with them in the igloo at night. The piglet boys just except to be chased and bounce up and down continuously.

Oooh, new rats. I am so happy.
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