I have way, way too much energy to be at work. Since I got a late start this morning, I walked to work (about a 50 minute walk) and ever since then I've felt full of life and energy and vim.

I also found out today that one of the people on the board I post to knows my senior English teacher. He was one of my favorite English teachers ever and I still remember him fondly and wonder how he's doing. Well, actually, his family knows him but still.. what a small world and how cool!!

Jess and I get to see Girlyman tomorrow at Godfrey Daniels! Eeee-I haven't seen them in a long time and I've heard nothing but good about Godfrey Daniels. If I like it, I will definitely look for more shows to see there in the future as it's not far from here and it's a coffeehouse that supports independent music.
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