If you haven't seen/haven't known, the movie adaptation of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are is coming out on October 19th! Eee. If you search a bit, you can find some fairly new images for it. It looks like it will be absoultely amazing. I'm always worried when they adopt childhood favorite to the screen but this looks good.

Also, if you are in the Philadelphia area, PLEASE visit the Rosenbach Musuem. It's a bit west of Rittenhouse Square (can't remember exact address) and has a whole room devoted to Maurice Sendak which they just updated with a lot of new things. Plus, the musuem in itself is really cool and a completely hidden treasure. Please, please, please visit.

From: (Anonymous)

mmmmmmmmmm google



From: [identity profile] tangledstories.livejournal.com

Um, thanks.

I wasn't really looking for someone to post a link to the Rosenbach but um... thanks anyway.

From: [identity profile] sawbladesestina.livejournal.com

Umm, grow some balls? If you're going to be insulting, don't do it behind the veil of anonymity, shitwad.

From: (Anonymous)

You didn't know the exact adress, I gave you a link so you had it.

I thought maybe you did'nt have time to look it up yourself.

I was'nt trying to be insulting SHITWAD I was trying to help.

From: [identity profile] sawbladesestina.livejournal.com

I think Rebecca knows how to use google, really. I don't think that was the point of her post.

If you ever feel like patronizing my fiance again, please do give your user name so we can bow down and give credit to your oh-so-superior intellect.

From: (Anonymous)

I was trying to be HELPFULL why is that such a big deal? Its' not PATRIONIZING its' HELPING.

And I do'nt have a username on Livejournal I was using GOOGLE {you have heard of it} looking for info on the movie.

Since the original poster -- your fiancee I take it -- did'nt know the adress, I thought I would HELP.

I was'nt trying to insult any body I was just HELPING by providing INFORMATION.


From: [identity profile] sawbladesestina.livejournal.com

Umm, yeah. This journal doesn't come up on a Google search for Where the Wild Things Are. At least, not the first several pages of it. Something about this equation doesn't add up. If you really were this anonymous person who came here by way of Google, you wouldn't keep returning to this journal in order to reply to every response. Nor would you have cared enough to comment in the first place, in all likelihood.

Is this Ms. Lebo? If so, where's the "Running With Scissors" graphic that has been your trademark? Do you really have that much of a grudge that you have to follow me from one journal to the next and harass the people in my life? Seriously...

From: [identity profile] whatsthediff.livejournal.com

I'm not Ms. Lebo, I do'nt know who you are, I was talking to the person who did'nt have a link to the museum she wanted everyone to visit.

I think you must have had negative experiances here otherwise you would not be so rude to people who have not been rude to you.

I have not forgoten that you called me SHITWAD with no reason.


From: [identity profile] jessypie.livejournal.com

I am totally not familiar with this museum! One of these days when I'm in the area, we should meet up and go there.

From: [identity profile] tangledstories.livejournal.com

It's a really cool musuem. It has a Marianne Moore Room, first editions of lots of things. It's in this double house on, litreally, the most wealthy street in Philadelphia. Gorgeous, gorgeous area and if you/we go, the tour is an absolute must. I interviewed the woman there for a paper/project for my library science degree. She is really cool.

From: [identity profile] horvendile.livejournal.com

I fear it more than I look forward to it. The only director I'd trust to make it was Chuck Jones and he's dead. The dangers are making it too literal and lifeless or changing it too much. I'm assuming it's animated. If it doesn't look like the drawings, what's the point?

It isn't guys in suits is it? There was a live version like that.

From: [identity profile] tangledstories.livejournal.com

Not animated, I don't think, but very little CGI. I believe it's animontronics.

Not guys in suits, no.


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