We got 3 rat hammocks yesterday. In order to understand this story, you must know that it has a tough bottom layer and a fuzzy top layer that's soft and comfortable for the rats to rest in.

So... this morning I woke up and Toby (the potato boy) got himself BETWEEN the two layers of one of the hammocks and all you could see of him was his little brown eyes pretty much asking "um, mom, what have I done?". Now, Toby is rather... large and so to see a rather large rat trying to hide/make himself small between the layers of the hammock was perhaps the cutest thing ever.

Since the piglets (our two new hairless rats-did I tell you about them? I should) were resting on the top, soft layer of the hammock I removed Toby from under there so he wouldn't get squished and cuddled him up with the piglet boys.

It totally made my morning. Cuteness for the win!
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