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([personal profile] everdream Mar. 18th, 2009 01:08 pm)
Last night I looked at Amazon's used books website to see if they had 3 books I wanted. They did and with shipping, I got the 3 books for under 20 dollars. I am so excited for this.

The first is Ann Patchett's The Magican's Assistant. I read this book years ago-way before she won fame and recognition for Bel Canto-and it my favorite of hers. Bel Canto and Run are good, solid books but they do NOT compare to this book. It concerns a woman whose husband-a magican-dies and she returns to his family home in Nebraska. It deals with issues of magical realism, a bit of sexual awakening, learning to wake up to one's self, etc. Amazing.

The second is Kindred by Octavie Butler. I have heard how amazing this book is for years but, sadly, I have never read a book by her. I heard her speak twice before she died and always thought of her as an amazing speaker. This is the book that's said to be her best and I greatly look forward to reading it.

Finally, I chose the Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh. He writes about East Asian countries-India, Burma, etc. In this book he looks at a historical Burma at the end of the 19th century and continues into the present. I had this book from the library a long time ago but it got waterlogged and ruined and I was never able to read it. He is a really good writer and I can safely recommend any of his books.

What books have intrigued you lately? Which books just take you by the throat and won't let go?
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